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The Jackdaws of Caerphilly, Gossiping Geese, and Bad Egg
Bronze works for New Windsor Square, Caerphilly

Collaboration with Camlin Lonsdale Landscape Architects
1997 - 2000

'If Caerphilly is to begin to function in a confident and organised manner, steps must be taken to provide the architectural equivalent of a sense of purpose or a focus to the town. The town, in fact, urgently requires a conceptual fortification of its own, in order to stand confidently alongside the castle and within this to reconstruct a credible identity which is independent of, but complementary with, its overbearing neighbour'
Robert Camlin 1993

In collaboration with landscape architects Camlin Lonsdale we developed designs and sculptures for the redevelopment of Caerphilly town centre. One of our main objectives was to 'fly the flag' of Caerphilly by providing an environment that would allow the residents to take pride in their town. The solutions included the creation of two intimate public squares. These I populated with a series of sculptures that aimed to fly the flag of the Caerphilly residents and celebrated their past and to expose and explore the relationship of the town to the visiting tourists. The sculptures worked as a means of enriching the new public spaces, reinforcing the town's own identity and presenting a public face to be proud of.

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