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Recent Works

Tegel:Flights of Fancy
Noel was Responsible
Brutalist Speculations and Flights of Fancy
Fly Birdie Fly
Disaster Bridges
Viewing Trumpets
Illuminated Carpet
Barely There
Thinly Veiled

Past Projects

Winds of Change
Critical Mass
Where R U
Body Bag Fish
Keeping My Head Above Water
Pecking Order
Bringing Home the Bacon
Cast Works

Available Works



Pecking Order
Ciment Fondue
5' high

My work makes use of the animal images for human social comment. The work reflects on the systems and conventions that govern relationships in particular, the hierarchies within institutions, the power struggles within all relationships, and the conventions that constrain them. My starting points are the minutia of everyday life at a particular moment in time, these are only fragments of systems but they offer opportunities to observe the ridiculous, and comment upon the idiosyncrasies and inadequacies of those greater structures.

The three male dogs of Pecking Order endlessly circle each other. As the title suggests they are preoccupied with their place in the pack, whether that be in ascendancy or decline. They sniff the air waiting for an opportunity to take control, watching for any challenge to their position. The gaze is never direct, but each oblique glance monitors the rest of the pack. The game is intense and myopic; so obsessed are they with their own small world that we may observe them unawares.

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